Official Press Release

The Bitcoin Price Prediction House Giveaway
Lilac Contest - Official Press Release

Adam O’Brien is extremely excited to be giving away his previous family home in the world’s first Bitcoin Price Prediction contest. Contestants will predict what the price of Bitcoin will be on January 03, 2020 (which is a significant day in Bitcoin’s history) The house & cash prize will be awarded to the contestant with the closest prediction. Runner up and 3rd place will receive cash prizes as well. More info and exciting stats below. Contact Adam with any questions.

Canadian citizens can enter to win a house in Sherwood Park, Alberta (Edmonton) for $10.

The struggling real estate market in Edmonton coupled with rising costs for both buyers and sellers has inspired Adam to search for ways to creatively sell his family home, while offering the opportunity for one contestant to live mortgage free. This contest is designed in a way to be scaled (assuming it’s successful) which could potentially disrupt the entire real-estate industry. 

Entries are submitted in 60 seconds or less on the website. Each contestant can enter as many predictions as they like and choose their predictions (down the penny!) in Canadian Dollars. Once they’re satisfied, they have to validate the predictions as we only allow each prediction to be predicted 1 time on a first come first served basis. PayPal, E-Transfer and Crypto payments are accepted. 

Adam worked hard with Richards + Company Barristers and Solicitors to ensure legality and legitimacy. There is a reason behind each and every clause in our official rules and our contestants are required to read it and will be unable to submit their prediction to enter until doing so. 

We are hoping to learn from this genesis project, fine tweak the process if needed and be able to offer this service to other locals who are feeling defeated by the downward housing trend. We are hoping to disrupt the entire real estate industry.

If you have any questions please reach out to Adam directly @hiadamob on twitter, via the company’s facebook page, in an email or through the instant messaging service on the website’s homepage



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