Alternative ways to sell a house

Hello world. Welcome to the first blog post of the lilac contest. You'll have to bear with, my, bad, punctuation, spelling and overall lack of writing flow.

This blog will be a spot for me (Adam, owner of the house, owner of "kingpin contests" (the company running this contest) and overall good guy) to throw my thoughts into the world for everything that resolves around the contest. If I have a thought, feel like I need to explain something, feel like sharing something (good/bad or otherwise) - it will go here. So Subscribe! That way you get a nice little email telling you when there is new info. You (hopefully) have a vested interest in our contest (AKA you have entered) and you'll want to stay up to date.

SO! Post #1. The rise of the alternative way to offload a house. Contests.

It is no secret that Edmonton Housing Market (everywhere in Canada other than the money laundering cities, really) is in the gutter. Realtor's still think they deserve an incredible amount of money when the MLS does all their work for them and our lovely banking system hasn't figured out that penalizing someone for paying debt off early has to be craziest thing known the human race - so selling your house is now not only hard, but expensive!

I have had a keen interest in these property contests for some time. The first one in small town Alberta, then another one near us. However, I was sick to my stomach thinking about having to read 10s of thousands of essays. Not to mention that an essay is a subjective thing to judge - leaving room for bias and manipulation. Something I'm not a fan of. I wanted to run a contest, but wanted to make it non-subjective with as little barrier to entry as possible - both financially and time consuming for the contestant and judges.

Originally I wanted to pull names out of a hat. My lawyer laughed me out of the room. Then I proposed the idea we ran with; predicting the price of bitcoin.

Like everything I do - I went OTT. I set it up in a way that if this was successful, I would be able to offer this service to every and anyone. We could choose different, not subjective, things to predict. Our legal team has been fantastic to work with. Our developers are incredible. The accountants worked hard to set it up in a tax friendly way. I think this could really disrupt a stale industry.

Anyways, thats all the shilling for now. I think it's important that I end these blog posts with some reminders to enter the contest. So please do. It's easy to do, only takes 50-60 seconds once you have your predictions picked and you can pay with PayPal, Interac E tranfser or Crypto! Which is pretty ballin'. is the place to do that.

Would also love some feedback on the contest as a whole. What are the draw backs from your perspective? Why haven't you entered? Why DID you enter?

Thanks all. I'm looking forward to posting more, getting you involved and hearing your feedback.



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